How do you take a relatively unknown brand in the UK with a very small budget and position it amongst 24-35 year-old, affluent London-based men, as THE wine to have with a juicy steak?

Simple. You create London’s first ever Steak Awards, launch them under the ownable moniker #MeatyMalbec and create a social campaign which not only delivers against the target audience but also gets the brand into the capital’s top steak houses.

Ok, so we made it sound simple.  Here’s how it happened.  Our journey started, as it always does with us pouring over audience insights, analysing coverage and competitor trends and delving deep into conversations. Three things struck us:

1. There are lots of conversations around red meat and red wine but Malbec – the one which is scientifically proven to be the best – had zero share of voice.
2. No one had thought of creating #MeatyMalbec – result. 
3. Whilst there are restaurant and food awards galore and 34% of Brits cite steak and chips as their favourite meal, ever, we couldn’t find any stand alone steak awards – not even steak as a category in the big awards.

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