The importance of Networking for a new starter in PR

New starter Jemma Magrath is a Junior Account Executive at Atomic, throwing herself into the PR lifestyle of networking with drinks in hand:

Joining any graduate job can be daunting, but entering the world of PR without any media contacts made this new start seem even more of a challenge. Ready to embrace the networking events that makes PR the buzzing, social industry that it is, I was fortunate to attend my first event on only my sixth day at work.

TravMedia welcomed us to their MediaPlace event at Sea Life London Aquarium. There were even jellyfish experts on hand to give guided tours of their brand new exhibition ‘Ocean Invaders’! With over 240 RSVPs for the event, and over 3,000 jellyfish for extra company, it showcased the importance of these events to allow PRs and media a chance to mix outside of emails and phone calls.

Cool venue aside, this was the perfect opportunity to put names to faces, grab a few business cards and start building my own group of media contacts. Taking the time to talk to a variety of journalists and chat about what they are working on was a great way to understand what they might be interested in covering in the future and gave me the best insight into the industry.

My highlight was definitely chatting to Lisa Minot, travel editor at The Sun and all round travel media legend. Now to get my first pitches out for clients to convert the facetime into coverage!