A Smashing Success


“When Atomic told us they were going to put brand new Samsung S7s into a piñata and get journalists to smash them up it’s fair to say we were slightly worried. However when they told us they’d be safely protected in our cases and screen protectors, they completed alleviated our fears. This is such a clever way to showcase our products’ USP, and we’ve seen from the content and coverage generated that it resonated with key journalists, putting us well above other cases arriving on the market for this new handset.”

Jack Neilan, Brand marketing manager

“A lot more interesting compared to the usual product drops”

Sean Keach, Trusted Reviews

tech21, the leader in phone case protection, challenged us to generate review coverage and engage with key tech media for the launch of its latest range of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

In a crowded marketplace, we aimed to set tech21 apart from the rest and to do that, brought to life its USP – FlexShock™.

FlexShock™ is a scientifically proven, impact-absorbing material used in all tech21 cases that offers superior protection if a device is dropped from a height of up to 2 metres. But how would we prove that tech21’s case was the one to beat?

We asked key tech journalists two simple questions:

  • Do you have what it takes to smash open a piñata?
  • Do you think the new Samsung S7 would remain perfectly intact if we put it in a tech21 case, inside a piñata and asked you to smash it open?

Piñatas at the ready, we headed over to each journalists’ HQs to put the piñatas (and the phones) to the test.

The piñatas were bashed and beaten, before splitting open and crashing to the ground. At the end of each test, the jelly beans and lollipops were shattered but the Samsung S7 phones remained completely intact.


Through a creative activation that tapped into a simple product truth, we were able to demonstrate tech21’s superior protection levels and join conversations around the new Samsung handsets. Discussion was sparked online through video content and key tech media gave the cases smashing reviews.