Becoming the Authority of Cyber Security


The cyber-attack on the NHS on 12th May was unprecedented. Despite the media focus on hospitals and NHS Trusts, these were not the only organisations crippled by the hack. Universities and large companies such as FedEx, Telefónica, the Russian Interior Department and Renault in France were also greatly impacted.

Always tracking the news agenda, we harnessed media and public interest in the cyber-attack as an opportunity for our client Anomali – a cyber security firm, providing market-leading threat intelligence platforms – to contribute to the conversation, as a leading authority in this important and ever-changing space.

The Idea

We worked closely with the Anomali Labs team (using the instant communication tool Slack) to develop unique comments which would cut-through a crowded conversation. We formulated client comments based on yet-to-be-reported information, including the intelligence that Spain and Russia were attacked on a larger scale than the UK and new evidence of payments already being made to Bitcoin wallets. We also provided industry insight on the broader rise in targeted ransomware attacks.

We quickly issued this information in two consecutive bouts to journalists, whilst all the time reacting to in-bound enquiries from the likes of WIRED, providing in-depth expert analysis on the ransomware involved in the attack.


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