Colour Lab

Campo Viejo

How do you make a brand’s proposition come to life in a way which will invigorate brand scores and drive it into new media spaces? That was the question posed by Campo Viejo, the UK’s leading Spanish wine brand, and creator of London’s Streets of Spain festival.

The Idea

Atomic had been tasked with creating a content platform to help bring Campo Viejo’s global proposition of Live Uncorked to life for UK audiences. We landed on ‘A life more colourful’ as it spoke to the brand’s origins, the ambition of the founding fathers, the brand’s labels and the vibrancy of Spain and Rioja. Next was to bring it to life through a WOW experience at Campo Viejo’s Streets of Spain. Enter stage left, The Campo Viejo Colour Lab, the world’s largest multisensory wine experiment into the influence of sound and colour on the taste of wine.

Working with renowned Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, Charles Spence, we created an immersive experience for media, influencers and ultimately members of the public to participate in. Scientifically robust, strategically on-point and creatively smart, the Campo Viejo Colour Lab outperformed all KPIs and critically took the brand into new spaces across both traditional and social media channels.

The Results