The Idea

How to connect a technology brand with creative communities? That’s the challenge we’ve been answering for a few years with G-Technology, provider of storage solutions for creative professionals. Our solution? Don’t talk tech at them. Be part of them.

Our first activation was the Creatathon, a 12 hour creative free-for-all in aid of charity, hosted by G-Technology and its family of G-Team creative ambassadors.

Most recently, we worked with G-Technology and Pulitzer Prize-winning aerial photographer, Vincent Laforet, on the AIR project. The AIR project aims to show people that the world is a lot more connected than we realise by photographing cities from altitudes at which they have never been shot before. In London’s case that was 6,000 feet. 

The resulting photographs are truly amazing and there is no shortage of media wanting to feature them. And therein lies the rub. Our challenge was to ensure that G-Technology’s involvement in the project was more than a one-line mention as sponsor.

We did so by framing the story to showcase the entire process that Vincent went through to capture those amazing shots – from city permits and helicopter regulations to safety precautions, the all-important choice of equipment to store and back up the huge digital files generated, and the 20+ hours spent editing the shots from each city. In doing so, we gave media a fascinating, behind-the-scenes insight into the work of a famous photographer and were able to make G-Technology integral to the entire process. We even arranged exclusive access for two journalists to accompany Vincent on a helicopter shoot.


The campaign reached 36,686,608 people through social and mainstream media such as The Guardian, Time Out, BuzzFeed, Shortlist and London Evening Standard, as well as the all-important creative media, including Photo Professional, Digital Photographer and Photo Plus.