“From their analysis of our challenge to their strategic counsel and creative spark, Atomic more than delivered for Tribesports. Their role was pivotal in our success and we’re extremely proud of what we managed to achieve together.”

Jenna Anians, President & Co-founder, Tribesports

A campaign for Tribesports that raised over £119k and proved to the world that there is a viable alternative to the $250bn global sportswear market.

Tribesports is one of the world’s largest social networks for sports people who can gather to motivate, celebrate and educate one another to improve in their chosen sports. With a membership of over 200,000 enthusiasts who, collectively, have completed over a million challenges, Tribesports felt the time was right to extend the brand into the $250bn sportswear market.

It wanted to launch the world’s first community-powered range of premium sportswear – sportswear designed by the community, for the community and up to 40% cheaper than leading brands. In order to move into production and make its ambition a reality, it needed to raise £30k in under 30 days via Kickstarter, a crowd funding website. This is our story.

Through our analytics, Atomic landed on three critical challenges to Kickstarter success:

  1. If a campaign hasn’t been 1/3 funded within the first few days, it is highly unlikely it will be successful.
  2. Fashion projects (Tribesports Kickstarter category) more often than not do not reach their funding goal.
  3. Two key outlets were nearly always involved in the success of projects relevant to Kickstarter – Wired and TechRadar. Somehow we would need to make our sports story relevant to them.


  • Make the story bigger than a brand attempting to hit a fundraising goal – make it about a call for change, a chance to challenge the status quo
  • Get the Tribesports community and influencers on side and give them the assets to make the story go wider and deeper
  • Create strong visuals – to simplify the story, encourage engagement and lengthen campaign life
  • Reward all supporters – make them feel like they have had an active hand in helping to make a small slice of history

The Idea

#gamechanger – a platform we created because throughout sporting history there have been moments where individuals and teams have broken the mould. They often didn’t bow to convention and follow the accepted way. They questioned and challenged the status quo and found better, more efficient, more effective ways of doing things. This is how we wanted our audiences to view Tribesports’ ambition – a social sports community attempting to break the mould and, in so doing, taking on the Goliaths of sports brands.

Activation included an intensive influencer programme, video production and seeding, social content production and activation, community relations programme and extensive media relations.