The Graffigna Asado Challenge


Having established Graffigna’s Malbec as the perfect wine match for steak with our London Steak Awards, we were challenged to extend the steak and Malbec relationship to entertaining at home. The result was a meaty campaign of top quality results.

The Idea

Our audience for Graffigna is primarily city-dwelling men who want to impress their friends and are constantly looking for new ideas to help them achieve this. For a summer campaign, we identified an opportunity in the competitive, but exciting, barbecue space – worth £7 billion annually in the UK, with households firing up the coals 9 times a year, up from just 2.5 times a year a decade ago.

To connect the brand with the lucrative barbecue occasion, we looked to Graffigna’s homeland, Argentina, where ‘asado’ barbecues are the ultimate way to cook steak and socialise with friends. We decided to bring this unique experience to the UK. Thus, The Graffigna Asado Challenge was born.

To take it to the nation, we partnered with a range of social influencers to take on the challenge. With steak and Graffigna Malbec at the heart of proceedings, our influencers cooked over fire and shared the Argentinian pasión with friends, wine, steak and good times.

We kicked off the campaign with an authentic Argentinian asado hosted in leafy SW London by YouTube maestro Steve Booker. Steve and friends enthusiastically embraced the full size open fire pit akin to those fired up from Buenos Aires to the Patagonian mountains. Whilst the UK setting may have been different, this modern Argentinian asado was an instant hit with guests and Steve’s inspiring video encouraged everyone to add a taste of Argentina (and a bottle of Graffigna!) to their summer barbecue. We amplified Steve’s content through a wider partnership of lifestyle and foodie influencers. Each was relevant to our target audience and their content expanded the campaign’s reach and engagement, illustrating how channelling the Argentinian pasión can be easily adapted for all barbecue occasions.


  • 100,000+ social engagements
  • 1,150,000+ total campaign reach
  • 14,000 views of our Steve Booker collaboration
  • Sustained engagement via 10 influencer collaborations over the summer

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