Making the world care about content


Enterprise content management (ECM) company Alfresco faced a big awareness challenge: people were much more interested in its sexy cloud start-up competitors than in the worthy but dull topic of business content.

The Idea

We set out to change that. We needed a way to reconnect people with content. How? By showing that work = content. And how we interact with content will dictate how we work in the future.

Alfresco’s Future of Work was born – a campaign that elevated the conversation beyond functional messages and showed how content is fundamental to every business and businessperson.

We built a campaign around the company’s CTO and his vision, amplifying his voice with those of other inspiring speakers. A video series was created, in which our group of experts gave us a fascinating glimpse into the future of work and role that content will play. It was launched with a keynote at Dublin Web Summit and surround-sounded with a traditional media campaign, social conversations and content on owned and earned channels.


The campaign put the issue of content on the agenda by appealing to the ‘content user’ in all of us. Alfresco differentiated itself as a company that understands customer needs both now and in the future. With 90m impressions and a 616% increase in share of voice vs Alfresco’s closest competitor, the campaign exceeded all KPIs.