New Coffee Pod Machine Launches

Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Coffee pod sales are worth over £135m a year in the UK. It’s a rapidly growing industry with frequent new product launches so being front of mind with journalists means sustained old fashioned media relations and press office, something we don’t shy away from.

The Plan & Execution

We were tasked with bringing two new products to the attention of the media and bloggers ahead of Christmas. The design of these machines, as you can see from the above photos, was particularly striking. This meant we were able to lead with product visuals when pitching for reviews and gift guides, the machines clearly offered something different design-wise than key competitors.

This sort of media relations work, aiming for particular features, meant us being acutely aware of journalist deadlines and when they’d need to receive info and samples. First up was the long-lead titles like T3, Foodism and Balance followed by key newspapers with shorter lead ins and online outreach came last as the quickest to convert from pitch to coverage.

With a wide array of media potentially interested in the machines we began outreach in August all the way up to mid-November with the lion’s share of coverage coming in late October through to early December, even from those titles pitched to in August. Timing is everything, particularly in the battle for Christmas gift guide inclusion.


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