When Microsoft announced it was ending support for its server software Windows Server 2003 (WS2003), used by millions of small businesses worldwide, Zynstra spotted an opportunity. This was its chance to convert SMEs to its ‘IT as a service’ solution. The problem was, Zynstra was not the only company attempting to take advantage of this news.

The Idea

Instead of joining the voices spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt about the terrible things that might happen to companies still using Windows Server 2003 when support ends, we chose to take the high ground. Zynstra’s “How IT should be” campaign painted a picture of a world in which IT could be a source of competitive advantage for SMEs rather than a frustration, or worse.


This included CEO interviews and thought leadership in traditional media, including broadcast, nationals and tech trades, as well as social channels, events and media partnerships. The campaign explained to SMEs that there was a different – and better – way. An alternative to the endless cycle of IT obsolescence and upgrade.

When the deadline for end of support finally arrived, we had achieved 45 m impressions and the largest share of voice across the entire conversation, beating giants HP and Dell.