Pokemon Go!


“Very well done, you’re on fire! [The] Icing on the cake for me was the anonymous reference in Wikipedia on the Pokémon Go! entry.” Jay Huff, EMEA Marketing Director, RiskIQ


Love it or hate it, you’d have to be living under a rock not to know that Pokémon Go! landed in the UK in July. But you might not have thought it an obvious PR opportunity for a cybersecurity company.

Atomic found a way to showcase RiskIQ’s expertise through a daring news hijack of the Pokémon Go! launch. We advised the company to use its cybersecurity technology to identify how ‘bad actors’ were taking advantage of the global frenzy.


Together with RiskIQ, we come up with a compelling statistic on the number of unauthorised (and therefore potentially dangerous) apps:

“In the first day alone, RiskIQ tracked 215 unofficial apps that hit more than 21 app stores with 1 observed feral app, growing at a rate of approximately 8 unofficial apps an hour over the first 24 hours.”

We quickly issued the key statistics, images and a quote to all journalists following the news.


Armed with this compelling headline stat we were able to gain cut-through on one of the busiest news stories of the year.