World's Best Driving Road


“It is hands down the most successful and original campaign we’ve ever run. Atomic has transformed our perception of PR across EMEA and positively influenced how we collaborate across the business.”

Darren Peacock, Director Brand Marketing EMEA, ABG Group

When Avis tasked Atomic with coming up with a campaign that would bring to life its new ad campaign across seven markets, it was hoping for coverage generation outside of its usual trade media. What it got was a campaign which spanned PR, social, digital, eCRM and loyalty, and galvanised the business in a way never achieved before.

The Idea

The idea began as ideas often do with a tonne of research and breaking down data on audiences, the market, the customer journey and more using our pioneering analytics knowhow. We crystallised the outcomes into a central thought:

Somewhere along the way, the excitement, romance and adventure of car rental has been lost.

Coverage and conversations were far too functional; car rental should be about more than getting from A to B. For our target audiences of motoring enthusiasts, it’s all about the love of driving. For them, freedom is about getting into a top of the range car and going on epic road trips, tackling new roads, seeing new landscapes and creating new driving experiences.

What these people want to know is what is the world’s best driving road and how and when can they drive it. A campaign was born. The World’s Best Driving Road – a campaign by Avis to unlock the world’s best drives and answer motoring’s biggest question.

The idea galvanised the business and a new era of collaboration began between PR, social, digital, eCRM, customer service and loyalty which delivered spectacular results.


Within six weeks, the World’s Best Driving Road directly generated £120,000 worth of rental sales and a total PR reach of 470m+. 295 articles across Europe’s top performing media were generated and social engagement increased by 2,206%, whilst share of voice grew by 4.3% across all markets. The campaign was so successful that other key global Avis markets including the USA, Australia and South Africa are now looking to activate it.

Crucially it also led to a content partnership with one of the brand’s premier partners, Porsche, which saw Avis gain prominence amongst 10m+ fans across Porsche’s social channels.