We think like scientists, create like artists and execute like superheroes.

Pokemon Go!


ATOMIC FOUND a way to showcase RiskIQ’s expertise through a daring news hijack of the Pokemon Go! launch. We advised the company to use its cybersecurity technology to identify how ‘bad actors’ were taking advantage of the global frenzy.


Digital Science

WE USED Digital Science's wealth of data on research funding to drive the brand into the EU Referendum debate and connect with target audiences. Our campaign generated 108 articles and counting, shared 160,000 times on social, with a reach of 532m.


Gender inequality in advertising

Rocket Fuel

OCCASIONALLY THE opportunity presents itself for a company to tap into a global debate. Atomic spotted just such an opportunity when combing through the data in Rocket Fuel’s Creative Guide report to find newsworthy angles. The dramatic discrepancy in the performance of adverts featuring men (4x more successful) versus women provided the ideal opportunity to enter the gender inequality debate.

Making the world care about content


ALFRESCO FACED a big challenge: people were much more interested in its sexy cloud start-up competitors than in the worthy but dull topic of business content. We created its Future of Work campaign to elevate the conversation and show how content is fundamental to every business and businessperson.



HOW DO you connect a technology brand with creative communities? By creating content which pushes the imagination and brings to life what is possible when they use G-Technology. Our campaign reached 36,686,608 through media such as The Guardian, Time Out, BuzzFeed and London Evening Standard.


The Magic of Panto


A TECHNOLOGICAL FIRST brought the magic of panto to children and their parents Great Ormond Street hospital. As campaigns go, it doesn’t come much better - every target was smashed, our client was ecstatic but, more importantly, it put smiles on the faces of some amazing families.

A Smashing Success


WHEN TECH21 wanted to generate review coverage and engagement with key tech media for the launch of their latest range of cases, we had to come up with something quite different. So we set the Pinata challenge.

Shares Rocket


WHEN SGI approached us we pinpointed what we thought could be a game changing story. Our carefully orchestrated announcement of the completion of a project for the Atomic Weapons Establishment achieved widespread coverage…leading to a 17% jump in their share price.

Artificial intelligence goes public

Rocket Fuel

WE HELPED Rocket Fuel, an online marketing technology firm that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, usher in the future. By releasing new original research, newsjacking breaking national news stories and putting jet packs on thought leadership, we’ve established the largest share of voice in the space.